Friday, October 30, 2009

My Toybox!

Here are selection of my best toys: From the left....1921 Rolleiflex, 1951 Eastman folding pocket camera (Bigger pockets in those days!), 1958 Kodak retinette, Mark 1 Box brownie, 1958 Rolleiflex, 1989 Mamiya 645 pro, 1890 shutterless glass plate camera, which I am resoring to it's former glory and yes I will be using it! and a pocket russian plate camera from 1920(Very rare)I do have many others but these are my favourites. Hope you like them too. If your reading this in facebook, Check my blog as I'm not sure why it's posting to Faceache!


Protege said...

Wow, my grandfather would have loved this! My fathers father was an avid photographer.;)


I do love vintage photography