Sunday, January 17, 2010

A small man

I want tell about a friend of mine who works for a very small man, I call him a small man because he's a bully! He is very oldschool and thinks it's still OK to make his staff cry!

Well that's not all, the company is a bit of a joke he is the Boss and owner and second in command is his son, now under the son is a site manager, under him is the Hr manager who is the big boss's son as well, and under him is the overall office manager and under her is the manager. This is all under one roof in one office, the funniest thing of all is.........There are only two members of staff!!!!! Now am I wrong in thinking of the old saying "Too many chiefs" The boss is what I class as an asshole he has pet people some he loves and some his hates! If he hates you he will do all he can to make you leave, but my friend is made of sterner stuff, he has tried for two...yes two years to get rid of her, but she's still there. He still bullies her every day, telling her she is useless and constantly makes remarks about her weight, this has brought her to tears on several occasions, but still she fights on. He has now issued her with a final written warning without any other warnings for a small mistake in accounting, but even though she handles all the day to day accounting, she's not allowed to see the company bank statements! Am I wrong in thinking this is a bad company!!!! She has phoned ACAS and they actually said, there's nothing she can do as she has no evidence that he bullies her.He has now cut her hours so he is in breach of contract, but again ACAS said,"It's a long drawn out court battle, and it'll be expensive" I mean what the hell are ACAS there for?? Beats me that in this day an age this is allowed to happen. I can see where it will end...She will eventually lose her job and he will get away with it again! So where no I don't know!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Whats next?

Well apart from the usual I have many projects coming up. I can't tell you exactly what yet, because I don't want anyone to nick my ideas. One thing I'm good at is ideas and I am writing down one idea every day! whether I will get around to doing them all in my lifetime is another matter, but hey I could always sell them! This year I intend to highlight other local photographers and people that are making a difference in Cornwall. So do check in once in a while as new things will be appearing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone

Well it's 2010 and what of the distant memories of 2009? Well 2009 for me very eventful. I was introduced to Twitter by my Big Brother, and found lots of new friends. I also used facebook and found some long lost friends. This week I met up with a lady that was in my class at school and it was great, I'm just not quite sure where 27 years went.

'2009' was a bumper year for me, my photography business started to take off, it was a hard slog but towards the end of the year it really picked up! The last thing on my mind was to photograph weddings, but several came up, and they were all very enjoyable. My 1st love is for fine art and I have several book projects lined up for 2010. I have several personal photo-projects lined up plus I will be finishing my HNC and hopefully begin an MA.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers for the past few years, and I do hope you enjoy my future works.

Still can't believe it's 2010!