Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Wooooohooooo summer has finally arrived and I for one am loving it. My dissertation for my Degree feels so much better in the sunshine. So what's happening over the next year, as well as the usual array of weddings and portraits and of course uni work, I am working on a couple of book projects, can't say too much at the moment but it's all very exciting and I've been meeting so many interesting and lovely people. Hobby wise I have recently taken up Archery after a 20 year break! And just completed my beginners course and at the end we had a competition that I actually won which was nice! Haven't had my camera out much in the last few days as the lighting has been so darn harsh, but hey I'm not complaining as I love the sunshine especially when the dogs can come with me to the woods. Keep watching as there will be new stuff going up all the time, and check out my web page to get a taste of what I do. Right back out into the sun.............

Friday, July 13, 2012

I have my ACA

Most of you will be aware I now have my ACA which is an Adobe Certified Associate in photoshop, which basically means I am at a level that Adobe consider me to to a competent editor, and on that note I am available for professional editing.