Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Trials of a photoshoot

Well today it's 25th August 2010. This morning in traditional Cornish rain, I headed to Cape Cornwall in St Just for a shoot with Fallon 'Electrodoll' an alternative model from Nottingham. Well we met up in the square and headed down the steep walk to the rocky beach. We got to the bottom of the slipway where electrodoll positioned herself as if she had been dumped overboard and washed up onto the beach! She was wrapped in bin liners and as I handed her some gaffatape to put over hr mouth we heard an old voice shouting 'OI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER?' I looked up and there was a boat with two fishermen on. One was fairly old and can only be described as 'An old seadog', and the other who I would assume was his son, was a thick set cabbage eared silent type!
I explained to the two men now jumping from their boat, that it was a photoshoot and I was not actually a murderer!!! What happened then was even odder..... I reset my gear and started to shoot, when the old man said, "Stop touching peoples stuff" I immediately said what stuff....He said I touched a buoy with my foot as I walked over the rocks, he told me with expletives not to touch anything. I returned the fact to him that it was a public beach and if I trip up on his lobster pots, I will be suing him!!! He then walked up the beach got his son to fetch the Land rover, and they proceeded to drive up and down the slipway at high speed nearly hitting a young girl.....What they were doing was very strange they were up and down taking all their pots up and locked them in their shed! Taking the last few he muttered, "That'll stop you photographing my stuff you bastard" with this I mearly suggested that he get himself a life, and leave us alone. I can only assume that his pots were not regulation size or he was keeping undersized lobster and crab!! We moved to another part of the beach away from the grumpy seadogs and continued the shoot! As we continued I could hear him telling a group of ramblers to "F*ck Off up there, this isn't the cliff path you b*stards" with this he was scorned by the coach party, They told him in no uncertain terms that he was a 'rude and vile little man'. Anyway if your a fisheries inspector have a jaunt down to Cape Cornwall beach. We got our shoot done despite the rain, wind and Seadogs. Below is just one of the edits.

Sunday, August 1, 2010