Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bye Bye Petal

Well last week saw a good pet of ours 'Petal' pass away. She was an ango-nubian goat. She had a club foot, was agriphobic but she was also loving and friendly. Over the last 9 years we became close friends and I even took her for walks, or actually she dragged me where she wanted to go.

Many thought she was actually JaJa Binks from StarWars.

Miss you girl x

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Featured Artist Todd Hido

Ok new to this blog is my quarterly featured artist:

This time its the turn of Todd Hido, Todd Hido (b.1968, Kent, Ohio) is an American contemporary artist and photographer. He is Currently based in San Francisco, much of His work involves urban and suburban housing across the U.S., of which he produces large, highly detailed and luminous color photographs.Todd is a fantastic photographer. In particular my favourite shots of his homes at night, he manages to capture something magical in his images. They are all long exposures between 4-6 minutes and the area he photographs is usually quite foggy, which gives his images a very eiree look to them. But also there are questions in his images of who lives there, what are they doing?

"Hido's photographs reveal isolation and anonymity in contemporary suburbia. Eerily lit rooms and suddenly abandoned homes increase the effect of loneliness and loss."

I also Love his portraits:

If you have a minute pop along to his fantastic website