Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Christmas one and all

My final post this year finishes with a new piece of art modified for Christmas, Just for you to say thanks for all of your support through 2012 X

Sunday, December 2, 2012

And another

Another new piece of work, this one explores the constructed image.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Featured Artist

This time it's not a photographer!! I'd like you all to take a look at the stunning work of Dutch born sculptor:

 Joyce Van Der Hoeven. 

Joyce now lives in Cornwall and is creating some of the most beautiful stone sculptures.

You can feel the influence from her beautiful surroundings

For more information visit

Friday, October 12, 2012

Looky here

I have designed a cover for a book by the very talented Stuart Peel @jedlomax on twitter. I am very pleased with this so I thought I'd blog it for you to see. Visit Stuarts blog here:

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Well, I have just spent a week in sometimes sunny but mainly rainy Gloucestershire.

The 1st thing I noticed was a drop in the night time temperature, not quite that cold in Cornwall. I was staying in an old school in Nailsworth that was called Inchbrook, it was a primary school for near on 85 years which is quite impressive for any school. It closed it's doors in the 70's and was converted into a house, and a very beautiful house it is.

The current owners live in California somewhere and rent the house out. It's on 4 levels the basement is the kitchen, then up to the main room, which I assume was the school hall. Then above that bedrooms, mezzanines and attic rooms. I can't praise the school enough and if you want to know more or book it yourself go here!

The other thing to mention is the view, which was spectacular.

Well day one was settling in. 

Day two 

was spent at a cousins wedding which actually was the main reason for being up there. It was held at the The Tithe Barn in Tetbury, which was a beautiful venue and the catering was superb.

But apart from being a fantastic wedding all day there was one point that actually brought a tear to my eye, and that was this little girl below.

Meet Lyra an ash face barn owl, she was not only beautiful, but when the master of ceremonies asked for the wedding rings, she flew in from outside, down through the centre isle, past the congregation and delivered the rings, it really was magical as if straight out of `harry Potter' 

I didn't find out the band name but they were fantastic. They played from beatles tributes, to brian Adams through to bang up to date chart songs. Oh did I mention they had spectacular fireworks too? well they did!!

A fantastic day congratulations to Chris and Debbie

Day Three 

was mainly spent relaxing and recovering from the wedding. But we did get time to walk the dogs up on a piece of common land above the school, It was high up and very open and there were just cows and horses wandering around much like Dartmoor. It did however get rather cold and became very overcast all of a sudden. 


Oh yeah we also went to Stroud which I can't describe without saying the word 'shit' sorry but it really does belong in the book of crap towns, the phone boxes were the most interesting feature.

Day Four:

A much much better day we managed to visit Stow on the Wold, Bourton on the water, Bourton on the hill and Broadway. These were all very beautiful places so idyllic.

Stow on the Wold

These Yew trees were stunning guarding the church doors

Bourton on the water

Below are a couple from the motor museum.

If only BMW's still looked like this above.

My life is complete now as I found the final resting home of 'BRUM'

The tower at Broadway (Not taken by me)

I am sorry to the owner for posting this but you do have a funny name!!

Day Five

Day 5 was spent in my dream location Lacock which was the home of William Fox Talbot who was an inventor and made the 1st photographic negative. Seeing it was amazing and quite surreal.

Mousetrap camera, that it was taken on

I didn't realise the print was so small. It's of the Oriel window in Lacock Abbey. I found it amazing to stand where Talbot stood and take the same picture some 177 years apart with a digital camera that would have amazed him.

This is the window from outside

Below is his shot

And this is taken from the same spot that he took it from.

And this is me looking where he would have looked!

Then I found out that this picture below of his was also on the grounds so I went on the hunt.

And much excitement when I found it!

Below is and image of the setting up of printing frames.

And this is one of those actual frames.

Talbot is buried in the village (I didn't take this)

Now enough of me living the dream, on to the Abbey itself. Amazing is all I can say, a stunning structure.

The geeks amongst you will recognise this part from the 1st and 2nd Harry Potter films.

To the village

It was like stepping back 100 years, wonky houses, no double glazing, ariels or satellite dishes  so beautiful.

Lacock village, was amazing. There will be some more edited pictures to come as these were mainly holiday snaps.

Final Day

Decided to stay one more day as an extra super bonus and went to Cirencester to visit the Corinium Museum, amazing displays from Roman Cirencester. The models of people were very un-nerving as they looked so real and some their eyes followed you around the room.

Great for a bit of portraiture.

The town was very pretty, the church was huge and the was stately home of the earl of Bathurst called Cirencester house, we weren't allowed in but hell it had a twenty foot gate to keep us out!

They did get one thing right up here, can you spot it?

So thats it the holiday over, goodbye Glocestershire I have enjoyed you very much. Now back to real life and uni on Monday to begin my final year of my BA(Hons) in fine art photography.