Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Its that flying dog again


Heather said...

I love this picture!!
And yes, to answer your question, the hairy, smelly drooling thing in my face every morning is most definitely a dog.
I'm quite fond of him for the most part, although there are moments when I wonder why I put up with him!
Love your work. :)


I know how you feel! as you can see on my Blog I own a crap Spaniel who is to put it politely mental...The jumping flying dog is actually her brother and he is also slightly deranged!! I think its a Spaniel thing.

ashley wood said...

i like the flying dog when he isnt muddy!! :D
they are great pictures jake!!!
i like the one with the devil chicken and beckys car that was good!! i really do like the black and white pictures there great!!



Thanks Ash, Hamlet is a psyco!