Friday, September 26, 2008

My 1st post

Well here we are, it's my 1st proper post, and I thought i'd tell you a little bit about me.

I have been a keen Photographer as long as I can remember. I guess it all stemmed from my Father who was a Policeman for many years. I used to love going to the station with him and seeing their hi-tec cameras, which by todays standards were probably as good as the cardboard throw aways we all have today. Dad also had his own dark room at home, and I remember being enthralled watching his pictures develop under that dull red light bulb.

My first camera was named Klack, which I think was made by Kodak and I loved it. I then moved on to a Zenith which took great shots, after a few years with my faithyfull Zenith i upgraded, and like everyone else I had an Olympus OM10 then to an OM20 with a screw on motor drive (cool eh!) and by the way I still have that camera and all its attachments! (and I still use it too).Then I think it was a Nikon and boy was that neat with its built in motordrive......Ah then the arrival of digital. I can still remember my first one, less than one million megapixels, but at ther time it was great. I slowly moved up in pixels, but still kept the best pictures to film. But now digital has really taken over, and apart from my old film cameras that I use for pleasure only now, I have finally totally swapped over to Canon digital.

I think it's great, that today photography is available to the masses.. It means we can all capture a little bit of the past for the future, I have been very lucky in the fact that my family going back generations have taken pictures but not all familys have been that fortunate. I know plenty of people that tell me i'm lucky to have pictures of my family going back 100 years, and they tell me they only have one of them as a child. So get out there and capture some history for your generations!

One of my hobbies is using very old cameras when I can find the film supplies. I was given a really old 1920's stills camera and cine camera which dates back to the 50's. They have been a lot of fun to use, it transports me back in history

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